SD VOx, 100mm

100mm Uncooled Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras, unlike traditional visible cameras, use heat rather than light to see an object. Humans, animals, and vehicles are very hot in contrast to most backgrounds making trespassers hiding in shadows or bushes easy to spot. Thermal images are unaffected by bright light and have the ability to see through atmospheric obstructions such as smoke, dust, and light fog. This makes it an ideal technology for a number of applications, including but not limited to surveillance and security, search and rescue, fire response, marine and land navigation, and wide area situational assessment.

LWIR VOx Thermal Imager

Our GEN II VOx 17μm uncooled sensor is available with a resolution of either 320×240 or 640×480 and a sensitivity able to detect differences in temperature as small as ±0.05°C. The sensor’s no-maintenance VOx design, unlike ASI and other thermal cores, is self healing and resistant to solar damage.

Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Thermal Sensor

Germainum Lens

We pair the uncooled VOx core with our precision-engineered 100mm germanium lens. Our germanium optics boast an industry-leading ƒ/1.0 aperture, compared to most others at ƒ/1.6. This means they allow more thermal energy to reach the sensor, further increasing its range and performance.

100mm Germanium Lens

Extreme Long Range Detection

Our 100mm Uncooled Thermal Camera is a Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) camera which means it operates on 7,000nm–14,000nm wavelengths where terrestrial temperature targets emit most of their infrared energy. Using our 100mm ƒ1.0 lens and the built-in Dynamic Image Contrast Enhancement (DICE) for increased contrast and image clarity, this system is capable of detecting vehicles up to 9km away or humans at distances up to 3km.* While thermal is a significant investment, its superior range and performance allows it to replace and outperform other solutions, making it a viable option for many applications.

*Please read our DRI Whitepaper to properly understand what “detection” means in thermal camera ratings.

Video of our 100mm Uncooled Thermal Camera viewing a forest fire over 7km away. The thermal infrared imaging depicts the heat in the scene, with the camera continually adjusting the image so that the hottest object in the scene shows as white and the coldest object in the scene shows as black. Our thermal imaging is incredibly effective at being able to see through the smoke to reveal the heat waves and hot spots of the forest fire. For a side-by-side comparison with what a visible camera sees in this situation, see the Visible vs Thermal Wildfire Side-by-Side Comparison video.


Image Sensor

Uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) Microbolometer


640×480 pixels

Frame Rate

9Hz or 30Hz available

Pixel Pitch 17μm

Scene Temperature

-40°C to +160°C

Thermal Sensitivity



100mm ƒ1.0 Athermalized Germanium

Field of View

6.2° Horizontal FOV