SD InSb, 85–1400mm, 50km

MWIR Cooled InSb Thermal Imager

The Viper contains a high sensitivity 15μm cooled InSb sensor with a resolution of 640×480 and an ultra-long cooler lifetime of 20,000 hours. The cooled sensor is able to detect differences in temperature as small as ±0.025°C, providing more detail for tracking of targets at extreme ranges in total darkness and through most obscurants, with performance on par with 1500mm thermal systems.

Indium Antimonide Cooled Thermal Sensor

16X Continuous Zoom Germanium Lens

The cooled InSb thermal core is paired with a precision-engineered ƒ5.5 germanium zoom lens allowing you to view targets with a 16X optical zoom range from 85mm to 1400mm. This allows for long-range detection of thermal targets by offering anything from a 6.4° to 0.4° field of view. These lenses also feature auto focus capabilities, delivering crisp, clear images even when adjusting zoom, ensuring optimal performance and situational awareness in the wide field of view and crisp details in the narrow field of view.

16X Germanium Zoom Lens