High-Precision LRF (Laser Range Finder) with 12km Extended Range

Our laser rangefinders use advanced technology developed for the military to accurately measure the distance to a target. LRFs work by pulsing laser light in the SWIR wavelengths towards a target. A receiver then detects the reflection of that light and accurately calculates the distance based on the time it took for the light to bounce back.

This weapons-grade LRF provides an accuracy as good as 10–50cm, with an extended range up to 12km in ideal conditions. The 1550nm solid state SWIR micro laser provides short, high-pulse energy pulses, with diffraction-limited beam quality and low divergence, resulting in superior range and performance.

LRFs are used in a host of applications such as weapon targeting, advanced tracking, autonomous cars and geo locking surveillance. Our LRFs utilize low-noise, high-efficiency photoreceivers that have been designed and optimized for ranging. The customized electronics are designed to improve accuracy performance while reducing false reflections and echoes.

Infiniti uses high quality weapons-grade LRFs, however they still suffer from problems and limitations common to the technology that affect all LRFs. For more info, please see our LRF Whitepaper on Ranging Performance.

Extended Range
Range to Vehicle*
Continuous Range*
Extended Range 12km
Single Measurement Range to Vehicle* 5.6km to NATO Vehicle (2.3 × 2.3m)
Continuous Measurement (10Hz) Range to Vehicle* 3.7km to NATO Vehicle (2.3 × 2.3m)
Wavelength 1550nm
Single-Pulse Time 1.8s**
Continuous Measurement† 1, 4, 10, 20, 100, 200, 500 Hz
Precision†† 10–50cm
False Detection Rate < 1%
Beam Divergence 0.06° × 0.05°
Target Distinction††† < 30m
Range Gating Resolution 1m
Alignment Laser 630nm (development mode only)
Laser Class Class 1 (eye safe)
Power Consumption < 2.5W
Serial Interface RS422/232, UART 3.3V, IP with Octagon
Operating Temperature -32°C to +60°C (-40° to +65°C with custom enclosure)
Dimensions 117 × 66 × 52mm
Weight 200g

*Target size 2.3 x 2.3 m, ideal conditions, maximum measuring time, target reflectivity 30%, detection probability 90%

**At 8 km range setting. At 12 km range setting measuring time is 2.4 seconds

†Range performance depends on applied rate.

††Depending on distance and target reflectivity.

†††Depending on received signal level. Up to three (3) targets: First, Second and Last.