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Slew To Cue Auto Tracking using EO/IR PTZ Cameras with Radar or PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems)

“Slew to Cue” is a term that is used to describe the integration of a radar or other target detection device that tells an EO/IR surveillance PTZ camera where to point, hence slew to cue. The detection sensor, such as a radar, is designed to detect the target and pinpoint its location, then transmit that positional information to the PTZ camera which in turn auto-tracks, identifies and recognizes the target. This is often the best solution as a radar can provide 360-degree coverage and can detect vehicle-sized targets up to 40km away for marine, ground or aerial targets day or night, even in bad weather conditions. The day/night PTZ surveillance cameras can then recognize and identify the targets that are detected, making slew to cue the premiere solution for long 24/7 security and surveillance, ideal for perimeter security, critical infrastructure protection, and border control.





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