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What is an uncooled LWIR Thermal Infrared FLIR Camera and why is it often a better choice than MWIR Cooled Thermal Cameras?

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Uncooled LWIR infrared imaging is the most common type of thermal cameras as they more affordable than cooled MWIR thermal cameras as they require no cooling or ongoing maintenance compared to FLIR MWIR Cyro-cooled infrared cameras. Infiniti’s LWIR camera systems boast better images than most of our industry-leading competitors as we pair our uncooled sensors with large aperture Germanium lenses, allowing more thermal energy to reach the sensor, which results in a cleaner and sharper image.

Infiniti uses cutting-edge 12μm LWIR VOx uncooled thermal sensors with resolutions of 384×288 up to 1280×1024 HD. The 12μm pixel pitch provides a narrower field of view without changing the lens. This means we are able to achieve 40% further range than 17μm and 25% further range than 15μm sensors while delivering a sensitivity of 0.05°C.

These sensors are paired with precision-engineered germanium lenses from wide-angle to long-range views. Our lenses have large apertures of f/1.0–f/1.3 compared to the standard f/1.5–f/1.6, allowing up to 2.3 times more heat to reach the sensor. This results in higher sensitivity, sharper images, and longer ranges making LWIR one of the most cost-effective long-range imaging solutions. Infiniti offers some of the longest range LWIR cameras with a 410mm lens currently in development which is equivalent to a 580mm lens on a traditional 17μm LWIR camera.


For more information about LWIR and Thermal Infrared Night Vision Technology please see our Thermal Imaging page.

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