Military-Grade Long-Range Surveillance Cameras

Infiniti combines the most advanced electro-optics and video surveillance technologies into customized products that meet our client’s specific requirements. We design and configure complete end-to-end solutions based on actual needs and budget requirements, not a set list of specs and limitations. We believe in providing an effective and honest solution and are wholeheartedly committed to the quality and performance of our products.

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We're Proven

We have experience building everything from single-camera systems to multi-hundred camera configurations with multi-point control, continuous recording and secure remote access. We’re passionate about this industry and are constantly researching the latest technology.

We're Experts

We’re very knowledgable about a wide variety of technology. Many competitors in the industry focus on a niche range of options, but we offer solutions in multiple different types of technology. We’re flexible and not biased to a specific solution.

We Customize

We design each of our high-end systems for maximum effectiveness based on the budget and project requirements.

Don’t settle for a pre-built system that isn’t optimized for your needs.

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Tell us about your project requirements and we’ll work with you to design the ideal solution that best matches your budget and your project needs.