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Industrial Surveillance & Monitoring

Industrial facilities and their infrastructure are high priority targets for attack, espionage, and eco terrorism, due to their critical nature and significant asset value. These facilities come in all shapes and sizes and have very different risk profiles, which is why they require a multi-layered purpose-built solution that balances security and protection with the operational efficiency and limitations of personnel, infrastructure, and site layouts. An open pit copper mine in Utah requires a very different approach and solution than an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia or a power distribution plant in an urban environment. Infiniti has a proven track record in providing security solutions for a variety of industrial applications such as nuclear faculties, oil refineries, off-shore oil rigs, manufacturing, defense and military applications in over 50 countries. We work to understand the challenges and goals of all stakeholders and with our local partners ensure there is proper installation, support, and maintenance for 24/7 protection and security of the facility.

Complete Coverage

Day/night PTZ cameras are critical component for a security and surveillance solution, and their pan-tilt-zoom capabilities can look in all directions, however they can only look at one area at one time. Additionally, while ultra long-distance zoom achieves more detail and is good for detection, recognition and identification, that detail comes at a cost of wide area coverage.

Effective perimeter security is not simply monitoring the ground perimeter and premises passively and detecting threats, a properly implemented critical infrastructure protection solution works proactively by detecting threats both in the air (C-UAS) and ground and intervening before the threat can enter a restricted area and cause damage.

Multi-Layered Solution

Therefore, proper industrial surveillance requires for than just EO/IR PTZ cameras. It requires a multi-layered solution that often includes others sensors such as radar, PIDS, access control and RF triangulation for drones and airborne threats. Unlike cameras, these other sensors are much more effective at threat detection and monitoring of large areas, especially in poor weather like rain and heavy fog which can limit even the best EO/IR cameras in range and capability. When any of these other sensors detect a target the PTZ camera can be controlled manually or automatically (via slew to cue) and can be integrated into C2 software or VMS to auto-track, verify and identify the target. Combining these systems allows for detection, recognition, and identification of targets without relying on operators to spot initial intrusions, but still alerting operators to verify the threat and respond accordingly.

Infiniti Sentry PTZ Camera System with Radar in background

Anti-Drone (C-UAS)

With the recent expansion in availability of consumer, commercial, and military-grade drones and UAVs, counter-UAV solutions have become a critical part of an airport’s infrastructure. A single UAV whether with malicious intent or through negligence can completely shut down an entire airport’s airspace immediately causing the cancelation, delay and rerouting of all flights. A single UAV at Gatwick in 2017 caused hundreds of flight cancellations affecting 140,000 passengers and 1,000 flight schedules, totalling roughly 65 million dollars of damages. It was the biggest disruption experienced by Gatwick outside of Iceland’s volcanoes in 2010. A proper C-UAS is no longer a luxury for airports; it should be considered an absolute necessity that is vital to the safety and functioning of the airport.

Consumer drone

Modular & Consolidated Control

While each site or zone can operate as an autonomous self-sufficient system, they can also act as modules that feed into a central command and control center. From here a small team of people or even a single individual can effectively monitor the faculty for security-related events such as intrusions, unauthorized access or a drone in the area. We give the security director the ability to define and distribute display and control of the surveillance system to various stakeholders. This can be done in emergency or exigent circumstances via internet or by private wired or wireless networks, making the solution incredibly efficient but also endlessly scalable without compromising security or performance. It allows for multiple departments to co-operate or have access to the videos, turning the system into an operational tool beyond simply providing security. Our customer and project centred approach allows us to build a solution to specifically address differing and evolving requirements. Operation requirements will inevitably vary from facility to facility, allowing for consolidation and distribution of both fixed and mobile assets to be acclimated into one integrated solution that provides complete real-time situational awareness for real-time decision making and coordination of response.

Active Response & Threat Mitigation

It is often not enough to passively detect and identify a target. A true security and defense solution should also provide an active response to eliminate, counter or engage the target. Depending on the level of threat and application, Infiniti offers a variety of active threat mitigation and deterrent options that are designed to appropriately address the level of the threat in the safest and most effective manner possible. For low-risk civilian intrusion, Infiniti utilizes non-lethal safe solutions such as LRAD Laser Dazzlers, white continuous or strobe spot lights, mace paintballs and/or UAV jamming. These solutions are integrated into the PTZ system or deployed on UAV/ UVGs that follow or travel to the GPS position of the intruder or threat if they remain or encroach on the protected zone. For military applications such as force protection, air base defense, C-RAM and zones of denial where it’s a matter of life or death these solutions can escalate to laser pointers and designators, kinetic, electronic warfare and/or HEW and are controlled and require export licenses. In many cases it is not enough to merely observe a threat protecting a border or high-risk perimeter, it is critical to provide an immediate and appropriate response to warn them before they breach the perimeter and to disrupt and neutralize the target before it can pose a threat.

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