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Marine & Navy Surveillance Solutions

Infiniti offers a variety of electro-optical infrared systems that are specifically designed and optimized for marine applications. With vessel installs on anything from frigate class vessels all way down to small rugged RIHB work boats, Infiniti understands every application and use case is different and we design both fixed and PTZ camera systems for a host of marine applications. These applications include Navy and defense, port and coastal protection, commercial vessels, yachts, and high-speed craft, RIHB boats and more. Infiniti works with each customer to design a customized solution based on application, budget, and mission objective.

Options & Key Features

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Extreme Long-Range Imaging

Get high levels of long-range detail for further visual information (when weather conditions allow).

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Environmental Design

Our IP66/67 rated enclosures are designed to withstand the harshest elements of rain, wind or salt spray.

VTMS Integration

Optional integration with many VTMS systems and marine radars to provide automated tracking solutions based on AIS and GPS telemetry.

Thermal radiation
Thermal Imaging

Allows quick detection and observation of objects in the water even in complete darkness.

Slew-to-cue & Auto Tracking

Radar-based GPS telemetry information can be used to trigger camera pan, tilt and zoom settings for automated confirmation of targets.

Gyro Stabilization

Essential for long-range imaging on a moving platform, use the pan/tilt motors to keep your target in the view even while waves rock the boat.

Environmental Design

Maritime applications provide several unique challenges as they relate to environmental design. Issues that must be considered include water ingression from waves, corrosion due to salt water, extreme temperatures, and a significant amount of shock and vibration. Infiniti offers a variety of technologies and product designs for operation in these environments such as IP 66/67 sealing, camera enclosures made from anodized aluminum with marine finished and 304 and 316 stainless steel, integrated heaters, washer and window wipers, shock and anti vibration mounts and even gyro stabilization to help mitigate the motion of a ship in rough water.

Imaging Technology

In a marine environment, cameras are not just used for security and surveillance but are critical sensors for marine navigation, collision avoidance, search and rescue, and monitoring the operation of the vessel and crew from the bridge. Infiniti’s cameras are based on a modular system with a variety of EO/IR options such as visible, NIR, SWIR, uncooled LWIR thermal and cooled MWIR thermal, with special options like zoom, white spotlights and LRADs all integrated into PTZ camera systems that spin 360 degrees with tilts of ±90° to ensure complete situational awareness with no blind spots. Every imaging technology has its own advantages, visible allows for 4K UltraHD, thermal can see through light fog and smoke and offers ultra long-range detection, SWIR allows for high detail imaging through fog and haze. When these systems are properly integrated with radar it allows for unparalleled situational awareness 24/7 day/night even in poor climatic conditions.

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