Analytics example of drones being tracked in the sky.

C-RAM/Anti-Drone Sensor Solutions

C-RAM (Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar) as the military acronym suggests, is a system that is designed to detect and eliminate incoming rocket, artillery, and mortar attacks to protect an area or zone from these types of attacks. C-RAM was first formally deployed in an active combat zone in 2010 in Iraq to protect the green zone and American embassy and bases in the region. C-RAM systems vary from vendor to vendor in cost, range and performance but are generally comprised of the same subsystems which are a targeting grade 3D or 4D radar for early warning and detection of targets, electro-optics imaging such as visible, SWIR, thermal and LRF for fine projectile targeting and tracking, and a high calibre high-capacity machine gun like a 20mm or 30mm equipped with tungsten, explosive incendiary or air bursts rounds.

C-RAM for New AI/Unmanned Paradigm

C-RAM systems perform very well for threats they were designed to counter, but the nature of warfare and technology capability of threats is continually evolving. The rise of unmanned systems like drones and AI have created a new category of threats that traditional C-RAM and air base defense solutions have proven limited or in many cases completely ineffective based on their performance, cost, and deportability. Infiniti and its partners provide solutions to upgrade legacy C-RAM solutions or create new C-RAM solutions that can defeat traditional rocket, artillery and mortar attacks as well detect and defend against civillian and military drones, unmanned aircraft, loitering munitions, and other airborne threats by utilizing traditional kinetic options along with the latest technology in electronic warfare and HEW (High Energy Weapons) and self-guided munitions.

Due the nature of these products, the exact details, methods and capabilities are strictly controlled under ITAR and Controlled Goods Canada and require authorization for export and related documents.

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