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CUAS/Anti-Drone Air Defense Solutions

With the recent expansion in availability of consumer, commercial, and military-grade drones and UAVs, counter-UAV solutions have become a necessity in many applications. UAVs are a security concern throughout many organizations and sites; anyone can now purchase a drone/UAV and weaponize it or compromise sensitive information or privacy through unauthorized intrusions. Political and military figures have been targeted by UAV attacks, and false alarms at international airports have cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. We have teamed up with several third-party partners to design and offer a variety of counter-UAV solutions that detect, identify, and neutralize threats from UAVs.


Detection is provided either through radar or RF technologies. Lower cost solutions utilize RF scanners to detect the radio signals used to control many lower cost UAVs. However, the rise of “dark-drones” has begun to negate the usefulness of these devices. A dark drone is pre-programmed to follow a set path to its target, and does not rely on RF communication, making them invisible to RF detection devices. Radar detection counters this as it does not rely on any signal from the UAV, but rather actively scans for intrusions.


Once a UAV has been detected by either RF signals or radar, it is usually necessary to identify it and determine whether it is an active threat or an unintentional intrusion. This is where electro-optics systems come in. Slew-to-Cue commands from the radar or RF scanner will point the PTZ camera to the UAV’s location. Using a combination of visible, NIR, and thermal wavelengths, an operator can inspect the target and determine whether it is a threat and how to proceed. Alternatively this process can be automated using AI classification or bypassed altogether if the airspace is protected and any intrusion is a considered threat.


UAV mitigation can be accomplished by a variety of methods: RF jamming, capturing the UAV, or actively targeting and destroying the UAV.

RF Jamming

Similar to RF detection, RF jamming is only effective if there is an RF signal controlling the UAV. Most UAVs will have a landing protocol that takes over in case of the RF signal being jammed or in some cases RF jamming may cause the UAV to crash. However in the case of a malicious dark drone, RF jamming is completely ineffective.


Capturing the UAV can be accomplished by deploying a counter UAV drone which seeks out the target UAV and deploys a netgun to capture and neutralize its target. In addition to being effective against dark drones, capturing a UAV this way is also safer for locations where it would be dangerous to have a UAV fall from the sky or even be forced to land. The captured UAV can instead be flown to a specific area and may then be inspected for identification of the operator and/or any weaponization.


Actively targeting and destroying the UAV can be accomplished through traditional projectile weapons or using laser energy weapons. Ascendent has partnered with a laser weapon provider to provide a unique laser weapon solution which can actively target UAVs and does not have the typical eye safety issues associated with laser weapons after they have hit their targets.

MADE (Mobile Anti-Drone Elimination)

MADE (Mobile Anti-Drone/UAV Elimination) is a handheld countermeasure system by Infiniti Electro-Optics that eliminates aerial threats posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and aerial drones, that are either remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or are following predetermined flight patterns using GPS.

The MADE uses directional high-intensity RF waves in order to completely block both manual control and GPS positioning of hostile UAVs and drones from 1~2km away, eliminating them as a threat before they can conduct surveillance or deploy their payload.

Unlike other anti-drone systems, the MADE is a complete turnkey solution with the battery and jammers all built into a lightweight package that weighs under 10 pounds. The MADE was designed to look like a rifle for easy transport, deployment, and targeting making it the ideal solution to deter and eliminate threats posed by aerial vehicles that completely bypass existing physical security measures.

ADDS (Automatic Drone Defense System)

Infiniti also offers a long-range automatic anti-UAV/drone system that will provide detection of small UAVs like the DJI Phantom at up to 5km away. Our ADDS offers 360° panoramic coverage with no blind spots and the ability to visually track, recognize and eliminate a drone up to 2km away. The system is comprised of a state-of-the-art military radar, an advanced long-range EO/IR visible and thermal infrared day/night PTZ surveillance camera system, and powerful broad-spectrum RF jammer. This automated system will provide 24/7 detection, tracking and elimination of UAVs/drones with the option for static jammers for permanent installs, making it ideal for mobile, perimeter security, events, airports, and high-value targets both rural and urban, keeping them safe from aerial threats with up to a 10km diameter.

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