Multi-Sensor Targeting System

Infiniti’s multi-sensor targeting system (MSTS) is a precision-engineered, modular sensor suite that utilizes visible, thermal, LRF and optional 4D radar to deliver a match-to-mission targeting solution. The MSTS enables longer-range target acquisition, improved target recognition, and accurate tracking even in adverse conditions like rain, darkness and smoke making the ideal solution for sensing and targeting.

The MSTS is a full-spectrum solution that utilizes VIS/NIR CMOS, uncooled LWIR, cooled MWIR, SWIR InGaAs imaging, and laser rangefinder sensors. These sensors are paired with high-quality fixed, dual FOV, and continuous zoom optics to provide the distance, detail (pixels on target), and angle coverage necessary to achieve mission objectives. The MSTS is integrated into a rugged, military-grade enclosure designed to meet your size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements. Custom mounting solutions for bore sighting and shock mitigation, as well as custom connectors optimized for your payload's requirements, are also provided to ensure mission success.

Multi-Sensor Camera Enclosure with Visible, SWIR, LRF and 4K Spotter

Key Features

Up to 5MP/HD MWIR Cooled Thermal, up to 50km detection*

Up to 2MP/HD LWIR Uncooled Thermal, up to 20km detection*

HD SWIR Imaging with Laser Detection

LRF Laser Rangefinder with 0.1–1m Accuracy

Multi-Wavelength Laser Designation & Pointing

Rugged, Military-Grade All-Weather Enclosures

Industry Leading SWaP

Shock Mitigation Custom Mounting

High ROI: Long Lifetime, Low Maintenance

Integration of Edge AI Processing

Matched FOV Modes for Sensor Fusion

4D (ESA) Beamforming Radar

Customizable Mounts and Connectors

Optional Weapons-Grade Gyro Pedestals

Optional 6-Axis Gyro Gimbal Stabilization

Custom Property Sensor Integration

Options for Non-ITAR Solutions

Infiniti not only utilizes EO/IR imaging sensors but also provides a 4D electronically scanned array (ESA) beamforming radar. This radar has a surveillance mode with a 90° vertical and 130° horizontal field of view and can detect a human at 8km and a DJI Phantom at 3.5km with sub-degree accuracy. The radar has four modes of operation. In standby mode, the radar can be turned off and only used when actively needed. In surveillance mode, it offers wide area detection with either a fixed 120×90° field of view or 360° coverage when spun. In targeting mode, when mounted on a positioning platform, the radar acts as a targeting radar, reducing the beam to provide higher accuracy and faster refresh rates, with the center of the panel aligned for better target extraction.

When fused with EO/IR and LRF, the radar provides unprecedented performance beyond what imaging or radar-only systems can offer. The radar also allows detection and limited targeting even in the worst conditions, such as heavy Cat III fog, which can blind EO/IR sensors. It is an effective solution for threat detection, active targeting, and can even be used for C‑RAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar) applications.