Control tower with radar.

Surveillance Radar for Ground/Air/Marine

Infiniti’s Aegis series radars offer a comprehensive product line with solutions for short, medium, and long range detection applications. Various configurations include full 360° rotating and wide-angle fixed panel radars, with X-Band, S-Band, C-Band, and 24GHz frequencies suitable for a variety of applications.

With land, marine, and aerial radars, Infiniti provides the best perimeter security solutions regardless of the domain. By pairing radar with market-leading electro-optics systems it is possible to create high-performance security solutions for perimeters or wide-area coverage.

The Aegis line-up ranges from our small 24GHz panel radar that provide 500m of human detection, to our largest X-band radars which can deliver detection ranges of up to 25km for humans and up to 50km for vehicles. Aegis 3D aerial radars can provide detection of DJI Phantom drones (0.01 m² RCS) at distances up to 3km as a part of Infiniti’s ADDS C-UAS system, making the Aegis an extremely versatile security solution.

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Integrated Radar Processor

Our Aegis radars feature an integrated radar processor for detection and tracking and extraction of targets. This reduces costs and provides simpler installations when compared with traditional radars that often require on-site radar processors for target extraction.

The processed radar targets greatly reduce the communication bandwidth required for client workstations, with a single radar requiring <1Mbps. The Aegis’ future-friendly design streamlines the integration and installation process with C2 softwares, PTZ cameras, and other third-party solutions.

Intelligent Radar Software

Not only does the Aegis boast long-range detection, our radar client software suites feature high-performance processing for detailed information on the target, such as size, speed, bearing, and GPS position. User-defined geofence zones for areas of interest and exclusion allow for automated monitoring or customized event triggers. Optional AIS and GPS integration can provide blue force tracking and VTMS applications. The Aegis’ powerful fusion of hardware and software delivers 24/7 intelligent situational awareness for ground, marine, and airborne applications.

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