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Military & Defense Solutions

Infiniti Electro-Optics provides long-range surveillance solutions that utilize EO/IR imaging, radar and RF signal triangulation for 24/7-day night threat detection and situational awareness for ground, air and marine. Infiniti custom builds EO/IR imaging solutions that are optimized for ultra long-range performance and combine multiple sensor types including but not limited to visible, NIR, SWIR, LWIR and MWIR in one integrated PTZ solution for 360° and ±90° coverage.  Each type of sensor and technology comes with their own set of advantages and limitations, for example our MWIR cooled thermal imaging can see 50% longer ranger than the leading competitor, but thermal is unable to see through windows and is not ideal for identification like our ZLID™ technology is.

Infiniti’s sales and design engineers build turnkey solutions to offer the best solution based on your budget, application and mission objective. We have a proud track record of mission for success in border control, force protection, coastal surveillance, air base defence and perimeter security.

Multi-Layered Solution

Military applications often require a multi-layered solution, which is why Infiniti utilizes the latest hardware sensors such as visible and infrared imaging, radar, RF signal triangulation and PIDS for long-distance, 24/7, day/night situational awareness and threat detection that can be optimized for ground, air and marine. These sensors are then fused into a VMS or C2 software that fuses all the sensors together, applies AI imaging processing and analytics (for automated threat detection, tracking and alerts based on user-defined parameters) and plots the GPS position on a map, allowing operators to make informed decisions rather than being overwhelmed with irrelevant data.

Modular & Consolidated Control

While each tower or zone can operate as an autonomous self-sufficient system, they can also act as modules that feed into a central command and control center so that a small team of people can control an entire nation’s border. In the case of an emergency or exigent circumstances, an admin user can also provide on-demand distributed display and control access to various stakeholders via internet, private wired or wireless networks, or TAC radios. This allows for an efficient but also endlessly scalable solution that does not compromise security or performance while still allowing for cross agency co-operation on as-needed basis. Our match to mission modular approach also allows us to build each zone or solution to specifically address differing and evolving operation requirements. These requirements will inevitably vary from region to region or zone to zone and this solution allows the consolidation and distribution of both fixed and mobile assets, to ensuring a complete turnkey solution that provides complete real-time situational awareness and facilitation of the decision making and coordination required for response.

Active Mitigation & Threat Detection

It is often not enough to passively detect and identify a target. A true security and defense solution should also provide an active response to eliminate, counter or engage the target. Depending on the level of threat and application, Infiniti offers a variety of active threat mitigation and deterrent options that are designed to appropriately address the level of the threat in the safest and most effective manner possible. For low-risk civilian intrusion, Infiniti utilizes non-lethal safe solutions such as LRAD Laser Dazzlers, white continuous or strobe spot lights, mace paintballs and/or UAV jamming. These solutions are integrated into the PTZ system or deployed on UAV/ UGV/ USVs that follow or travel to the GPS position of the intruder or threat if they remain or encroach on the protected zone. For military applications such as force protection, air base defense, C-RAM and zones of denial where it’s a matter of life or death these solutions can escalate to laser pointers and designators, kinetic, electronic warfare and/or HEW and are controlled and require export licenses. In many cases it is not enough to merely observe a threat protecting a border or high-risk perimeter, it is critical to provide an immediate and appropriate response to warn them before they breach the perimeter and to disrupt and neutralize the target before it can pose a threat. Infiniti has you covered with a variety of options for those needs.

Complete Situational Awareness

While EO/IR PTZ cameras are a critical component to any to long-range surveillance solution and can look in any direction, they can only see one area at one time. Additionally, the bigger the lens and more zoom power the camera has, they more detail it will get but that detail comes at a cost of wide area coverage. Therefore, long-range surveillance cameras should almost always be paired and integrated with either radar, PIDS or RF triangulation. Each of these technologies can cover large areas and provide initial detection of targets, then once a target is detected with one of these solutions, the EO/IR PTZ camera can manually or automatically auto-track and verify the target visually.

Wide angle awareness example

We Custom Build

Every situation is unique and has different needs. We balance your budget with the performance you require and suggest the ideal components that ensure that you’re getting the best value solution for your application. Talk to one of our sales engineers today.