Vega PTZ camera system with solar panel

Off-Grid/MAST Surveillance Solutions

Infiniti's off-grid and MAST (Mobile Autonomous Surveillance Trailer) systems offer self-contained security and surveillance solutions for rapid deployment or permanent installation in remote locations or environments where power and communications lines are not readily available. 

Cellular and satellite communications paired with solar and battery power sources will maintain 24/7 operation and communications while thermal, visible, ZLID, and radar payloads ensure that wide-angle situational awareness is maintained while simultaneously providing detailed long range imaging day or night.

Mobile Autonomous Surveillance Trailer – MAST

The MAST is a complete turnkey off-the-grid solution that is fully configurable with a host of sensors to provide situational awareness and threat detection without the need for any existing infrastructure. The MAST can be equipped with a variety of unique detection sensors such as radar or thermal cameras with video analytics to automatically detect a trespassing intruder. These sensors can be integrated with speakers and alarms to deter trespassers and alert the proper personnel or authorities. These sensors provide a cost-effective 24/7 intrusion detection solution that is scaled to meet your customer’s needs with ranges from 100m to 2km using thermal and up to 15km using radar. This reduces or eliminates the need for security guards while improving protection, making the MAST a clear choice for security professionals.

Long-Range Day/Night Cameras

Infiniti manufactures a wide range of high-performance surveillance cameras. MAST systems use a multitude of cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best result for any application including ZLID™ active infrared, thermal imaging, short wave infrared, and sophisticated optics systems for unparalleled performance. The cameras are designed to scale with the distance and area coverage required by the application to ensure day/night detection and identification.

Active Threat Mitigation

Unlike standard surveillance providers, Infiniti believes it is not enough to passively detect and identify a target. A true security and defense solution should provide an active response to deter, counter, engage or eliminate the target. Depending on the level of threat and application, Infiniti offers a variety of active threat mitigation and deterrents that are designed to appropriately address the level of the threat in the safest and most effective manner possible. For industrial and civilian applications, Infiniti utilizes safe, non-lethal solutions such as LRAD’s Laser Dazzlers, white continuous or strobe spot lights, mace paintballs and jamming for UAVs. These solutions are integrated into the PTZ or deployed on a UAV/UVG that follows the intruder or threat if they remain in or encroach on the protected zone.

Wireless Connectivity

The MAST system offers a complete range of wireless connectivity options including satellite, cellular, and wireless IP radios. This allows communication to the Internet allowing for remote connection, configuration, and control of the entire MAST system. It can be configured with fault tolerance in place to default itself to secondary connections for continuous use without interruption for 24/7 monitoring.

No Power, No Problem

All MAST systems offer a wide variety of on-board power generation options. They can include combinations of gas or diesel generators, solar panels, wind turbines and/or DC battery-charging generators to meet whatever is required in the deployment region. Our equipment storage configurations are scaled to meet every mission, no matter the size, venue, or length of deployment.

MAST utilizes green power generation, taking power from both sunlight and wind in case of cloudy days. The systems will run either on each supply independently or as hybrid power, whichever the application requires. This guarantees a continuous power supply and improves the efficiency of the whole system. Hybrid power is a very suitable power solution for high usage electricity consumption systems on both small- and large-scale projects.

Every MAST system comes with a battery backup system that stores the produced energy from the solar and wind to ensure continuous operation. The battery backup system is designed to provide continuous regulated power and is sized to meet customer requirements from a day to a week of battery backup. Solar batteries (deep cycle batteries) are a key component in every MAST energy system. True autonomous operation is dependent upon the deep cycle battery’s ability to ensure continuous 24/7 operation even in the most remote and extreme environments.

Customized Match to Mission

When it comes to off-grid surveillance solutions there is no one-size-fits-all solution as each system needs be designed based on the location, climate, requirements and budget. Infiniti understands this and we have a long history of success in providing custom security and surveillance solutions across a host of military, industrial and other mission critical applications, with installs in over 50 countries. Infiniti can provide a full MAST solution, or smaller battery or vehicle powered RDKs (Rapid Deployment Kits) that are built into rugged military style cases. Our team works closely with our customers and local partners to ensure there is proper installation, support, maintenance, and expansion of systems in order maintain the security and integrity of your MAST and off grid systems.