23X Zoom 48-1100mm Cooled FLIR MWIR Infrared Thermal Surveillance PTZ Camera @ Vancouver Harbor

Sample video from our 48–1100mm Cooled Thermal camera 

The Vega is a fully customizable multi-sensor EO-IR PTZ camera boasting our longest range visible day/night zoom camera and our most advanced cooled or uncooled thermal infrared cameras. It can be configured with our optional ZLID™ long-range NIR illumination, LRF high-precision rangefinder, gyro stabilization and more. The customizable multi-sensor payload enables the Vega to provide an optimized solution that precisely meets project requirements in the most cost-efficient configuration. The military-grade pan/tilt is designed for weapons systems pointing and accuracy, meeting and exceeding MIL-STD-810F military ratings for shock, vibration, temperature and dust/water ingression.With multiple options for effective, high-resolution imaging in virtually any environment from thick smoke to complete darkness, this is the ultimate long-range surveillance camera system for achieving 24/7 situational awareness and long-range recognition and identification of targets.



Vega Camera System , A Military-Grade Long‑Range MWIR/LWIR Thermal &  Visible PTZ Surveillance Camera | Infiniti Electro-Optics