Long-range Cooled Thermal Camera & 15–2075mm 135X Zoom Camera with 20x Zoom 70-1400mm MWIR Cooled Thermal PTZ

A side-by-side view of our extreme long-range 70–1400mm cooled thermal camera and our 15–2075mm 135X zoom camera. These images were taken on a mild summer day in Vancouver with a fair bit of moisture in the air.

MWIR Mid-Infared Cooled Thermal Specificaiton:
Image Sensor: 15um InSb Indium Antimonide 
Spectral Range 3,000–5,000nm
Resolution: 640X480 
GE Zoom Lens: 20X 70–1400mm
HFOV: 7.85–0.39°
Thermal Sensitivity: 20–25mK 

Daytime Camera Specificaitons
Image Sensor 1/2.8 CMOS
Resolution: 2MP 1920x1080P
Lens: 15.4–2075mm 135X Optical Zoom
HFOV: 21.1°–0.15°

For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of each technology, please see our dedicated pages on Visible/HDNIRZLIDSWIR and Thermal which each explain the pros and cons concisely and comprehensively.


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