Eclipse Long Range Day Surveillance PTZ Camera 8MP UltraHD 30X Zoom Lens

Video of the Eclipse PTZ Camera with a 1/1.8 8MP 4K Ultra HD Sony CMOS day/night camera with 30X optical zoom 6-180mm lens HFOV 65~2.4°, and optional 1000m ZLID laser illumination.

The Eclipse boasts numerous zoom lens options up to 272mm, and multiple sensor resolutions available from Full‑HD up to 8MP 4K. Paired with up to 2000m of ZLID illumination or a day/ night thermal imaging camera up to 120mm, this camera system offers remarkable nighttime surveillance performance. All of these sensors are integrated into a rugged IP66 weatherproof housing constructed of strengthened aluminum. The Eclipse can withstand some of the harshest climates, making it ideal for perimeter security, homeland defense, and coastal protection.


Eclipse, A Rugged, Mobile Night Vision PTZ Camera | Infiniti Electro-Optics