4800mm Ultra Long-Range NIR Camera vs FLIR Cooled Thermal Ranger on a PTZ caemra @ 3.5km Nighttime

Using the Near Infrared

A subset of the infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum, covering the wavelengths ranging from 0.7µm to 1.4µm (700 to 1400nm).

Read more" data-placement="top" data-toggle="popover">NIR and Mid-Wave Infrared

A Medium-wave infrared (MWIR) surveillance camera is an IR camera that is sensitive to thermal energy (Heat) between 3 to 5 micrometer (3-5μm 3,000-5000nm). Most MWIR camera are cooled thermal which means they have an internal cryogenic cooler that only cools the sensor to temperatures as low as 77° Kelvin (-196°C or -321°F). This dramatically increases the sensitivity of the Cooled Thermal cameras allowing them to see day and night at longer ranges than uncooled cameras as their greater sensitivity allows for bigger less efficient lens than LWIR cameras. As example Infiniti's 85~1400mm cooled thermal cameras provide up to 55km for vehicle detection based on DRI military standards making them the best choice for long range night vision. One drawback is MWIR cooled thermal cameras are higher cost than standard uncooled LWIR cameras. Infiniti offers both MWIR Cooled and LWIR Uncooled infrared modules in 640x512 1024x720 1280x1024, 1920x1080up to 5MP. We sell as open frame modules (lens and sensor attached) or as complete integrated PTZ cameras with Visible and SWIR sensors for ultra long-range imaging and threat detection even in complete darkness. 

Read more" data-placement="top" data-toggle="popover">MWIR video feeds from our Viper camera system, this video is an example of long-range nighttime performance from our custom 5700mm visible lens and 750mm cooled thermal.