Long Range 15km See Through Smoke/Haze Thermal Infrared LWIR, MWIR, Visible & NIR Camera Comparison

This is a video showing a mountain from 15km away, while looking through the wildfire smoke around Cranbrook, BC. 

4 different wavelengths are shown in this video to demonstrate the smoke/fog penetration abilities of thermal imaging.

The main camera is an 8MP 49X Visible Camera to show how bad the smoke is. It is also equipped with a Near-Infrared Visible Cut Filter to show that looking at a target in NIR can help penetrate some smoke and fog. But, not as much as a thermal camera.

The other 2 cameras are filming in Mid-wave Infrared [Thermal] (top right) and Long-Wave Infrared [Thermal] (bottom right).

All 3 Cameras were filming at the same time. And, were looking at the same target mountain 15km away.


Vega Camera System , A Military-Grade Long‑Range MWIR/LWIR Thermal &  Visible PTZ Surveillance Camera | Infiniti Electro-Optics