DORI (Detection, Observation, Recognition, Identification)

The DORI standard (based on the IEC EN62676-4: 2015 International Standard) defines different levels of detail for Detection (25PPM), Observation (62PPM), Recognition (125PPM), and Identification (250PPM) for visible light surveillance cameras. By using these PPM values, it is possible to select a specific camera sensor/lens combination and verify that it will provide the performance needed in each application.

Please download the PDF version of this whitepaper to see the simulations in more detail.

The examples here simulate the amount of detail if you were to digitally zoom into the image. Please note that these image simulations assume optimum imaging conditions, however many factors such as atmospheric conditions, heat waves, available light, subject motion or camera shake can degrade image clarity, and most of these issues are amplified at longer distances.